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Bookkeeping Support

Every small business has different bookkeeping needs depending on its scale and scope. Our basic books package provides you with up-to-date monthly bookkeeping and financial reports to help you stay on top of your financial progress.  Our beyond-the-basics package offers more advanced tasks such as AR/AP management, reconciliation of compliance tax payments and reporting, and dives deeper into your financial strategies.  It’s time to alleviate your back-office burdens.


Cash flow is an important measure of financial health for any business, yet 82% of business failures stem from poor cash management. That’s why we focus on helping you take home more of what you earn. As Profit First Master advisors, we’ll give you the tools you need to make informed financial decisions.


When you are a business owner, one of the most valuable things you can have is a safe community of like-minded people to connect with. 

One of our goals is to provide that to our clients and followers.  We encourage you to visit our Community Page and connect with us where you feel comfortable.  Building a community takes time, so please be patient with us as we are developing our resources and getting back to inquires and questions.


One of the most cash-flow dangerous things business owners can themselves in is investing in “shiny solutions” that appear will save them time and frustrations.  

We have a list of resources/solutions that we have personally used and vested.  Visit our Resources Page to see if there are solutions that would work for you.

But before you invest, make sure the solutions will be usable long term and you are ready to implement it.

We Understand the Struggle

After running small businesses for more than a decade, we understand the hustle and hard work it takes to be successful. Managing finances can quickly become a full-time job. Every entrepreneur deserves to focus on their projects and grow their business without bookkeeping headaches. Our team offers tailored strategies using our BUILD strategy to help you build a business that loves you back.

We Help You:

  • Maximize Profits
  • Reduce Stress
  • Beat the Burnout
  • Erase Cash-flow Frustrations
  • Pay Yourself Consistently

Financial Solutions Made For Your Business

What is Permanently Profitable?

Permanently Profitable is a profoundly simple yet effective accounting strategy using the Profit First Method that will transform your business from a cash-eating monster into a money-making machine. This approach puts your business’s profit first, rather than your expenses, to help simplify your cash flow and more importantly, maximize your profits.

Permanently Profitable Consulting

You can’t grow your business if you’re unsure where it stands financially. Permanently Profitable is a proven and reliable method to help entrepreneurs gain financial freedom. We’ll guide you through the process so you can start making data-driven decisions and feel confident in your finances.

Strategic Financial Officer (SFO)

In addition to basic bookkeeping and weekly management reporting, we’ll play a larger role in ensuring your business’s long-term sustainability. Not only do we provide QBO training and maintain communication with your accountant, we’ll be a partner that grows with you as you become Permanently Profitable. 

Basic Bookkeeping

You handle your clients, we’ll manage your numbers. We’ll provide weekly, monthly or quarterly categorization of your accounts, complete bank and credit card reconciliations, and track monthly reports.

How to Get Started


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Client Love

“Christina at Springstead Solutions has been an important business extension of the Builders Exchange. Her advice in process and project management helped us increase our effectiveness in our outreach programs to our members. Springstead Solutions has also successfully worked with numerous Builders Exchange members and is on the top of our referral list.”

Mikin Plummer, Executive Director of the Kern County Builders Exchange

Client Love

“Passion, vision and a genuine interest in helping grow our business is what makes a truly professional Profit Coach; Christina has provided this and more….We consider Christina as integral to our future success and we wholeheartedly recommend her services – she’s a consummate professional and we feel blessed that she took us on as clients.”

Jason Anderson, Co-Owner/CEO of J&J Floor Coverings

Client Love

Christina was hired on a contract basis initially to assist us with our cash flow management and accounting. She very quickly identified multiple areas of our business, from both a strategic planning and cash flow management perspective, that had growth potential. To say the least, profit was on the rise. By the close of our first year,  we eagerly asked her to become our Chief Financial Officer and oversee all of our financial and monetary transactions and investments.  On a personal/character note, she is one of the most loyal and honest people you can ask to work with. Our company is extremely appreciative of all she has done and excited for what the future holds.

Nicole Petitt, Vice President 

Property Restoration Services, Inc

Meet Christina Springstead

Strategic Financial Advisor & Bookkeeper

After 20+ years of working for others and doing small business bookkeeping as a side hustle, Christina’s “2020 vision” led her to start Springstead Solutions.

She realized her financial and operational skillsets were perfect for helping other small business owners’ build a business they love.

Still Prefer to Do It Yourself?

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