Summer 2022

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Being Permanently Profitable

Christina Springstead underscores the critical nature of efficient cash flow management, highlighting that 82% of business failures arise from inadequate cash strategies. Many entrepreneurs, even with robust sales, face cash flow dilemmas. Among the most frequent missteps are overestimating sales and failing to keep a cash buffer. Springstead points to Mike Michalowicz’s “Profit First” as a valuable tool that realigns traditional accounting practices to emphasize profits first, catering to behavioral money management. The method provides insights for entrepreneurs to better understand and navigate their financial landscape.

Christina Springstead

Christina Springstead

Christina Springstead blends a passion for financial acumen with a drive to empower business owners. With each article or feature, she unravels the intricate dance of numbers, strategy, and entrepreneurial spirit. Delve into her insights, where business acumen meets heartfelt guidance, and transform your business narrative. Dive deep, learn more, and let Christina's expertise light your path. 🖋️📈

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I’ve been leading small businesses for more than 10 years using my passion for numbers to identify and overcome financial obstacles.

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