Spring 2023

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The Productive Entrepreneur

Staying focused in a world full of distractions is challenging. This article unveils the four pillars of genuine productivity: “Systems Over Goals,” “The Early Bird’s Advantage,” “Eliminating Distractions,” and “Tackling Big Challenges First.” Dive into actionable strategies to differentiate true efficiency from mere busyness and equip yourself for success in today’s demanding environment.

Christina Springstead

Christina Springstead

Christina Springstead blends a passion for financial acumen with a drive to empower business owners. With each article or feature, she unravels the intricate dance of numbers, strategy, and entrepreneurial spirit. Delve into her insights, where business acumen meets heartfelt guidance, and transform your business narrative. Dive deep, learn more, and let Christina's expertise light your path. 🖋️📈

hi! I'm christina!

I’ve been leading small businesses for more than 10 years using my passion for numbers to identify and overcome financial obstacles.

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