Transformative Profitability with Profit First

Empower your business by navigating financial challenges with our phased Profit First coaching program.

Designed for flexibility and impact, each phase is a paced investment, enabling you to steadily transition towards consistent profitability without overwhelming upfront costs.

an introduction to the program

Here's how it works

evaluation phase

Begin your Profit First journey with a clear vision. The Evaluation Phase is all about understanding your business’s financial health, shedding light on existing trends, and establishing foundational knowledge. Together, we’ll analyze where you stand, offering insights that set the stage for transformative change.

What’s Included:

  • Pre-Blueprint Meeting: A preliminary discussion to align expectations, gather necessary data, and set the stage for an in-depth analysis.

  • Delving into your financial past, uncovering crucial insights.

  • Segregating your finances for a clear, categorized view.

  • Identifying the discrepancies between your CAPs and TAPs.

  • A strategic plan spread across 6 quarters to smoothly transition you to your TAPs.

  • Follow-up Review Meeting: Post-analysis session to walk you through the findings, answer queries, and ensure a clear understanding of the blueprint.


conversion phase

With insights in hand, the Conversion Phase is where strategy meets action. This stage is about translating knowledge into a practical plan. We’ll work together to pivot your financial practices, aligning them with the Profit First methodology, ensuring each step is in harmony with your business objectives.

What’s Included:

  • Dive deep into understanding the ‘why’ behind Profit First and align it with your goals.
  • Decode the Profit Blueprint and fine-tune the implementation strategy.
  • Strategize your banking structure for optimal Profit First execution.
  • 5 follow-up meetings to ensure you’re on track:
    • Two-week check-in
    • 30-day strategy meeting
    • 60-day strategy meeting
    • First Quarterly Meeting/Financial Review
    • Quarterly Follow-up

optimization phase

The journey doesn’t end once the blueprint is set; it evolves. The Optimization Phase is about finetuning, implementing, and constantly adjusting for peak financial performance. Here, we focus on ensuring that the Profit First system not only works but thrives within the unique ecosystem of your business.

Step 3:  Accountability and Coaching Sessions

  1. Regular quarterly meetings to assess financial health.
  2. Follow-ups post each quarterly session to ensure consistent application.
  3. A thorough year-end review to celebrate achievements, recognize areas of improvement, and plan for the future, including an updated Profit Blueprint.

intersted in getting started?

Embarking on this journey with Springstead Solutions is about crafting a brighter, more profitable future for your business, one phase at a time. Each phase is meticulously designed to elevate your financial landscape, seamlessly building on the previous one’s foundation. By committing to each phase now, you’re not just taking a leap of faith; you’re strategically plotting out a course to ensure enduring financial success.

endorsement from
mike michalowicz,
author of profit first