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At Springstead Solutions, the dynamic duo of Christina Springstead and Jean Scheiber work in unison to deliver unparalleled financial and advisory services. Christina, with her keen expertise and passion for educating and advising businesses, is complemented by Jean’s vast experience in project management and deep ties to the business community. 

Together, they form a powerhouse team, committed to providing clarity, strategic insights, and impactful solutions for businesses. Their combined skills, dedication, and shared vision make Springstead Solutions the go-to destination for businesses aiming for financial success.

fun facts about us!

Family Portrait

Devoted Dog Moms:

Both Christina and Jean share a special bond with their canine companions. As devoted dog moms, their furry friends not only bring joy to their lives but also occasionally make cameo appearances during team meetings!


Passionate Problem Solvers:

Give them a challenge, and they’re on it! Christina and Jean thrive on troubleshooting and diving deep into issues. Their shared love for problem-solving ensures that no financial hurdle is too big for Springstead Solutions.

Christina and Jean

Relationship Builders:

To Christina and Jean, every client is more than just a transaction. They believe in forging strong, lasting relationships, positioning themselves as trusted partners rather than mere vendors. Their collaborative approach ensures that clients always feel valued and understood.

how we came to be!

Have you ever faced a moment when everything you were striving for turned out to be exactly what you didn’t want?

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