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Christina Springstead stands as a luminary in the world of business finance. As the driving force behind Springstead Solutions, she has honed an unparalleled knack for demystifying intricate financial concepts, turning them into actionable insights for her audiences. With a deep understanding of business fundamentals, especially within specialized niches, Christina’s talks are more than just presentations; they’re transformative experiences. 

By bridging the gap between numbers and business strategy, she equips entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizations with the knowledge to make informed decisions, drive growth, and ensure lasting financial stability. Inviting Christina to grace your event guarantees your audience not only clarity but a roadmap to business success. Bring her expertise to your platform and watch your audience leave enlightened, empowered, and ready to tackle their financial futures.

Speaking Topics

Christina’s speaking engagements resonate deeply with modern business trailblazers. Tailoring her expertise to the pulse of contemporary challenges, she delivers insights that enlighten, equip, and empower. Whether it’s enhancing productivity, achieving a harmonious work-life rhythm, or navigating the maze of financial statements, Christina crafts each topic to transform understanding into actionable strategy. Dive into the options below to discover the perfect fit for your audience.



For every entrepreneur, numbers whisper the tale of their venture’s heart and soul. Nestled within balance sheets and income statements is a narrative awaiting revelation. In this transformative session, Christina unfurls the intricacies of financial documents, turning perceived complexity into actionable clarity. 

It’s a masterclass crafted for small business owners ready to harness the power of their numbers, steering their journey with renewed confidence and vision.

The Permanently Profitable™ Blueprint

Foundations for Financial Resilience

In the ever-evolving dance of business, consistent profitability often feels elusive. Yet, it’s entirely attainable. Christina’s session unveils a transformative framework that redefines the rhythm of financial management. Dive deep into the ‘Profit First’ ethos, a groundbreaking approach that prioritizes profit and cultivates enduring financial resilience. 

Tailored for the ambitious entrepreneur, this blueprint is a ticket to a business landscape where stability isn’t the exception—it’s the norm.

Making Every Move Count

Crafting a High-Performance Business Machine

In the intricate ballet of business, every step matters. “Making Every Move Count” invites leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to re-imagine their operational choreography. Christina presents actionable insights to refine processes, boost efficiency, and magnify productivity. 

Embark on a journey to shape your business into an optimized powerhouse, primed to excel in the dynamic business arena.

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