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The Journey from Alignment to Self-Care: My Word of the Year

The Journey from Alignment to Self-Care: My Word of the Year

Embracing Alignment

Last year, I chose a powerful word to guide me through the bustling calendar days: ALIGNMENT. It was a beacon, illuminating the path of my choices and commitments. As the owner of a small business, alignment not only resonated with my professional endeavors but also with my personal life. I navigated through a sea of obligations, and each time I was presented with a choice, I asked myself, “Is this in alignment with my goals and values?”


As a recovering people pleaser, I often found myself saying yes to things that, upon reflection, diverged from the direction I wanted to take. The word alignment prompted me to pause and evaluate. It was like having a compass in hand while sailing through foggy waters. Suddenly, the fog began to clear as I filtered opportunities, tasks, and even conversations through this lens. It wasn’t just about declining what didn’t fit; it was about actively seeking out what did.


Throughout the year, I discovered something profound: I had been so focused on fulfilling others’ needs that I had never truly taken the time to dream about the life I wanted for myself and my family.


Crafting the Dream


Alignment became my architect. It helped me to start drafting the blueprints of my dream life. I began charting a course, setting my sails towards a future where my actions and values were in perfect harmony. It was an eye-opening experience, realizing how many of my daily activities were out of sync with my inner compass. But it was also empowering. Each decision that aligned with my true aspirations felt like a brick laid on the foundation of the life I yearned to build.


Transitioning to Self-Care


This year, as the new leaves unfurl on the trees and the days stretch longer, I have chosen another word, one that feels like a natural succession to alignment: Self-Care. This isn’t about indulging in the occasional massage or manicure, though those can be delightful. Instead, it’s about delving deeper into what it genuinely means to take care of myself—spiritually, physically, and emotionally.


Self-care, for me, embodies the quiet moments of reflection, the nourishment of my body, the enrichment of my spirit, and the emotional connections that sustain my soul. It’s about giving myself permission to dream big, to lay claim to my time and energy, and to prioritize creating a life that is not only successful but also fulfilling in the most holistic sense.


The Challenge Ahead


I stand at the threshold of this year with a sense of determination and excitement. It will be a different kind of journey, one that requires me to be as compassionate and nurturing to myself as I have been to others. It will challenge me to redefine success, not by the standards of a bustling business or a busy schedule, but by the health of my soul and the joy in my heart.


I invite you to join me on this journey. Whether your word of the year is growth, balance, joy, or any other, let’s embark on this path together. Let’s tell a story of a journey—not just my journey, but our journey—a tapestry woven with threads of self-discovery and self-care.


In this year of self-care, I am prepared to dream big. I am ready to focus my energies and time on creating not just a thriving business, but a life that truly fulfills my spirit and soul. Will you dream big with me?


My hopes are this may inspire you to find your word, your compass, and may it guide you to create a life that resonates with the core of who you are. Join me, and let’s shape our destinies with intention and care, one word at a time.

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