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Finding My Tribe: My Journey with Profit First Professionals

Have you ever felt like you’ve found your tribe? That unique group of people who not only understand your professional world but also push you to become the best version of yourself.


In September, like clockwork, my tribe and I converge in New Jersey. This isn’t just any gathering. It’s a meeting of minds, of kindred spirits — my community of fellow Profit First Professionals. Each year, we come together with a singular focus: development. Be it professional, personal, or relational, these annual conferences serve as a melting pot for growth and connection.


This year marked my 4th conference. With Facebook memories acting as my digital diary, I’ve been reflecting on the transformative journey I embarked upon when I joined this community. It all began in early 2020, just before the world was engulfed by the pandemic. My understanding of the commitment was rather rudimentary back then, but deep down, I felt an irresistible pull towards discovery.


For the longest time, I equated my worth with my achievements in the business world. My self-worth, as a human being, was something I often struggled to recognize. Yet, as I dove deeper into the community, I realized there was so much more to this commitment than just passing a test and getting certified.


I was welcomed into a world of engagement, accountability, and genuine care. There were guides, community calls, and accountability groups that constantly pushed me beyond my comfort zones. Climbing the ranks, I soon found myself interacting with the luminaries of the organization. And yes, Mike Michalowicz started recognizing me without the help of Zoom’s name tags!


But it wasn’t just about the professional growth. Authentic friendships blossomed. A safe space was created where business and life intertwined seamlessly.


This year, at ProfitCon 2023, the experience was elevated even further. The speakers’ lineup was nothing short of stellar. We had the privilege of hearing from:


Michael Port, a renowned author and speaker, known for his expertise in business communication and marketing strategies. If anyone wants to donate a scholarship to his public speaking academy – I will gladly accept! 


JJ Virgin, a celebrity nutrition expert and fitness trainer who has transformed health and wellness perspectives with her bestselling books.  The way she approaches health is not only brilliant but 100% doable – I couldn’t love her more!


Matthew Pollard, the “Rapid Growth Guy”, recognized for his innovative approaches to business and branding.  This fellow Introvert is my new hero!  I cannot wait to dive into his books and videos!  I will also accept any scholarship for his counsel 😊.


Joe Woodard, an influential figure in the accounting world, known for his training programs and expertise in software solutions.  I had heard of him from many and never really checked him out — I was missing out!!!!!!!!!!!


And Tripp Crosby, a brilliant comedian and motivational speaker who has a knack for blending humor with deep insights.  His hilarious videos on YouTube had me rolling.  This one is a must view:  (4) A Conference Call in Real Life – YouTube


Of all the wisdom shared, a thought from Tripp Crosby resonated deeply with me: “If you obsess over expanding in the future, you risk enjoying the present. If you aren’t enjoying the present, you risk expanding into the future.”


These words serve as a gentle reminder of the balance we must strike between ambition and contentment.


With a heart full of gratitude and a mind buzzing with new ideas, I returned from the conference, ready to steer my business to greater heights. My advice to fellow entrepreneurs? Find your tribe, push those comfort boundaries, and never forget to celebrate the journey — the highs, the lows, and everything in between.


Christina Springstead

Christina Springstead

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